Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Week 1 - A Leisurely Start

Jan 1 - Jan 8

Happy new year! I spent new years at Kales as per usual so I didn't have my tablet until the 4th. As such, we're starting off pretty scrappy.But then again, what else is the New Years period for?

Spidersona, inspired by Into the Spiderverse

A hero? An omen? A moth??? Who knows. They're most often sighted as a blur across the sky or a glowing pair of eyes.

Zine work

I'm in a lot of zines right now, and all of them had check ins this week;;;

I'm doing stickers for Konoha High, which I finally sketched out, and then finished, all in one go haha. I'm super happy with them!

It's also the due week for my piece in the *** zine! (yet to be announced haha) I'm super proud of this piece and can't wait to show it off.

 (shhh it's a secret)

 Other zines are still in the sketch stages. Watch this space!


There was a super cheap sticker sale happening with one of my suppliers, so I dashed and got myself a bunch of new stickers printed. Namely, the Konoha High ones above, plus some restocks and re-purposing some old prints into stickers.

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