Monday, 11 February 2019

Week 6 Inspiration

I really like these little cactus characters by moonsmoothie on twitter.

This pic by nemupan

This piece from "100 Views of Tokyo" by Shinji Tsuchimochi.

These invisible things (and the ones too) by Andy J Pizza on twitter

These cats by @neko_cer on twitter. I love this syyle of anthropomorphic, and the mood these more toned down colours gives.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Week 6

February 5th - February 11th

More prints! This time in Spiderverse flavour.

 I also finished off another fanzine piece, this time for the Portal zine. Preorders are slated for April.


Aaaaand also my piece for the Dragon Prince Aspiro Zine, also slated for pre-order in April.

Working on some new/revamped OCs. Brigid was a tabletop character from a campaign that got cancelled, but I love her a lot and wanted to do something else with her. So she's a superhero now?? And she's got a new girlfriend who is even worse than the one she got in the tabletop game lmaoo and also another kid to protect.

I'm also discovering that I'm bad at designing superhero costumes haha.

This week's sketchbook stuff:

Monday, 4 February 2019

It's con season!

Or at least, it's con sign up season (rip my bank account)

Here's what I've got lined up so far this year!

April 13th - 15th
Westpac Stadium

June 1st - 2nd
Aotea Centre

Table A04
September 28th
The Cloud

This is the first time I'm exhibiting at Chromacon, which is exciting and nervewracking. I gotta get some more original art together! 💦💦

Week 5 Inspiration


Week 5 - oh god, Wellygeddon is so close

Jan 29th - Feb 4th

This week my pal Alis commissioned me to sketch theirs and Sarah's DnD characters! Their designs are a lot of fun.

I've come to the realization that Wellygeddon is only two months away;;;; SO. its time for prints.
Starting with the evil girls of SheRa (in their prom outfits of course, how could I resist?)

Ahh, CMYK colours... I have not missed sorting you out.

I've been doing a lot of thumbnails for prints (and maybe a little SheRa fanbook?? We'll see...) Here's a little preview:

 Also it's Femslash February! as if I need an excuse to draw girls being gay. Starting it off with Abigail and Maru from Stardew Valley.

And a small sketchbook round up. I've had a bit of a distracted week, so there's not too much to show. Some photo referenced tennis shots plus playing with hairstyles for a potential new character.


Week 4 Inspiration

 art2 by lowua

Lots of brightly coloured things again! I really want to get confident with using obnoxiously bright colours, and also ya know, learn how to use them good.

by fernscare

And again with bright colours on black backgrounds.

From Kasey Golden 's video on Using Screentones. I really like the raised effect on the character and text boxes - can't do that with digital! Another traditional art thing to add to my list.

Week 4 - I continue to love stickers

Jan 21st - Jan 28th

Sketchbook stuff from this week!

I've been thinking about packaging for the sticker set I'm making this year. I didn't wanna use plastic, so I think I'm gonna do these little card envelopes. They're about 5 inches square, which means they should be easy to pack and I can show all the designs on the front plus the actual size on the back.

I'll probably play around with these more, but they're getting there! It'd be nice to have a good design template that I can easily adapt for future sticker sets - make everything cohesive as well as a hell of a lot easier on my part.

I also started planning some new stickers (is it obvious I love stickers yet). I was thinking about holographic printing that some places so, hence the flying saucers. Also something with Hanahaki disease (flowers in the lungs) could make some really good visuals.

I got commissioned by ducky.cos over on instagram to do some art based on one of their cosplay shoots. Here's them as Velma!

Thursday, 24 January 2019

My 24kg baby + new stickers!

I was very lucky to get a new printer for xmas, and boy howdy, is she a doozy!

Box as wide as the damn front door

She sat in her box in the living room for a while cause I had to go out and get a whole nother table to put her on. She still lives in the lounge because there is physically no space in my room haha.

She's got an A3 scanner and can print double sided up to A3 as well!! Now I'm super itching to make more zines and books....

I also got my sticker orders all in! No new art, but some old stuff that I converted into stickers, plus some Konoha High stickers for me to sell personally (still not publicly posted, hence the flowers).

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Week 3 - Sketchbook Boogaloo

January 15th - January 21st

Starting the week with some doodle of Juno and Rita from the Penumbra Podcast as I listened to part 1 of the season finale. No spoilers but it's a damn good episode!!!

For a while I've really wanted to draw something inspired by the Paul Jennings story 'Grandad's Gifts', cause it's a story that's stuck with me ever since I was a kid. I finally got around to it! I'm super pleased with how it cam out.


I haven't really drawn foxes before, so I doodled out a bunch beforehand. These were done with cheap crayola super tips, which are super vibrant and fun. Not great for actual colour ofc, but good for scribbles!

 I'm also trying out water colours again after watching a few videos on them. I've still got goblins on the brain from drawing the stickers, so I started with a goblin girl waiting for her date.

I doodled some little beach themed girls that I wanna go back and do more with - one made of the ocean and one made of the sand. They're best friends.

Finally I drew up this little image of a skateboarding girl with groceries. I really just wanted to draw loose clothing on top of tight clothing and try a different colouring style.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Week 3 Inspiration

Pieces by Dol Ay (@dolay999) on twitter

Panel from the comic "Circuits and Veins" by Jem Yoshioka. I just really likes this fashion - sportswear with a loose top over tight clothing.