Sunday, 9 June 2019

Week 20

May 14th - May 20th

Starting off the week with some goofy fanart

Still working on the new comic, which is most of my life at this point. Here's some cute faces!

Done up the digital sketches for my next two sticker sets: orcs and goblins! I'd like to get them done before Overload, but we'll see how that goes haha.

Aaaand sketchbook stuff. Been thinking about making lino cut patches... or really just linocut in general haha.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Week 19 - Planning planning planning

May 7th - May 13th

I did the 'Draw Your Friends' OCs in Your Style' meme on twitter to warm myself up for digital art over this week and last, featuring a bunch of my pals' cute OCs who I love.

I've still been working on this comic. Mostly sketching, and also finishing up the thumbs for the action section.

I also sketched out some designs for more fantasy face stickers, this time orcs! Hopefully I'll finish these and a tiefling set before Chromacon.

And I randomly got some inspiration for some "This is not a game" jam games. I put them on the back burner before I got to the the art parts, but I'll probably pick them up later. One is a kinda sad space themed thing, and the other is a dice 'game'.

My sketchbook pages this week:

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Week 18

April 30th - May 6th

Did a job test this week! So that was a very anxious day haha. I can't show any of that art, but here's everything else:

Still working on comic

This week's sketchbook stuff, including some character design and print planning for new original stuff.

Monday, 6 May 2019

Week 17 - Comics is hard

April 23 - April 29

SheRa season 2! Here's a sketch of Entrapta I did while watching.
I wanna finish another comic before Chromacon, so I'm focussing on Haunt.d, since it's already semi-written. I went over the old character design for Goth Girl (now Blaire) and re-did Jock girl (now Anika) to be more in line with her character.

 I've also been scripting and thumbnailing the actual comic, which is a lot of work with very little visuals. Alas.

I also tried drawing a new, more realistic icon. But I don't like it. So it's just gonna be here instead.

Aand I finished these beach kids I started a long while ago. They're friends!

Here's the rest of my sketchbook for this week:

Monday, 22 April 2019

Week 16 - Back in the Saddle

 April 16th to April 22nd

Wellygeddon is DONE and now I'm free foreve-


Well, looks like I'm gonna have to plan out some more original works before then. I wanna make more stickers, comics, prints, and maybe some stuff with clay? Lots to do!

I finally drew this comic I planned out years ago. I've always had trouble with the words and pacing for this, and I'm still not entirely happy with it? But it's done and out of my head! Which is better than ruminating on it forever.

Whole thing posted here or downloadable here.

And from the sketchbook this week:

Sharkees got me thinking about fursonas again....

Taakitz cause that's still who I am!

 Planning out an illustration based on the Lemon Demon song "When He Died"

 Petscop doodles because holy crap that's a lot of uploads!!

Week 16 Inspiration

This book cover by Alexa Sharpe. I love the colours and the contrast of monochrome to full colour, as well as the border of foreground monsters.

This top down cafe scene by Tokenin.

LOVE these character designs! Also the mood given to them with the limited colour palette and the red highlights.

I love this pose and how it can be rendered in so many different colours and patterns. Printmaking!

Week 15 - Armageddon ate my life

 April 9th - April 15th

What it says on the tin. Not much to show this week! It was all printing and cutting and organizing.

I doodled a thing for Homestuck Day to give out at the con:

And also a sketch commission for my pal Nikki!

hg rl

And this singular sketch in my sketchbook. Who is she.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

It's Armageddon time!

This weekend!! I'm sharing a table with Laya as per usual.

Con season of course means lots of time spent on graphic design stuff, which is a lot of work so I'm gonna show it off here as well.

Here's my catalogue:

Sticker packaging: