Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Week 19 - Planning planning planning

May 7th - May 13th

I did the 'Draw Your Friends' OCs in Your Style' meme on twitter to warm myself up for digital art over this week and last, featuring a bunch of my pals' cute OCs who I love.

I've still been working on this comic. Mostly sketching, and also finishing up the thumbs for the action section.

I also sketched out some designs for more fantasy face stickers, this time orcs! Hopefully I'll finish these and a tiefling set before Chromacon.

And I randomly got some inspiration for some "This is not a game" jam games. I put them on the back burner before I got to the the art parts, but I'll probably pick them up later. One is a kinda sad space themed thing, and the other is a dice 'game'.

My sketchbook pages this week:

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