Sunday, 23 June 2019

Week 23 - Plush fever

June 11th - June 17th

After watching a few youtube vids, I've decided I wanna try make my own plushie, as you do. So I designed this little pal based off some old sticker sketches of mine. Meet Bad Apple!

And a close up of their back patch, which I'm thinking of getting made into a proper patch as well at some point?


Also drew up some new die cut sticker designs, the first couple pulled from some old sketches (the same ones my plush came from) plus a soup cat. Cat soup. Sat Coup.

Soup cat!

Also some Second Citadel stickers for my own joy. Circle stickers are less expensive in small quantities so maybe I'll make these freebies some day.

 Some fanart for Smile for Me, a cool little game I played this week!

 I had a get together with a bunch of illustrator pals from uni, which was a good night of just chatting and sketching. Good times!

And the rest of my sketchbook for this week:

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