Thursday, 17 January 2019

Week 2- Markers and markers and markers!

 January 8th - January 14th

This week I started drawing up a goblin themed sticker set. I wanna try doing more sticker sets (and stickers in general) this year - they're fun to think up and make. I dunno if I'm gonna post them until I can actually get them printed, but here's a preview.

I've also been really digging into my sketchbook. I got myself some cheap Crayola supertip markers with a voucher, and they've proven really fun to mess around with. Bad for big blocks of colour - they streak like hell - but solid and bright and good for lining.

I mentioned in my inspiration post that I saw Spiderverse again. I posted half jokingly on twitter that someone should commission me so I could buy another ticket, and my pal Rowan did just that! For some Spiderverse art no less. My dream come true honestly. Thanks Rowan!

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