Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Week 3 - Sketchbook Boogaloo

January 15th - January 21st

Starting the week with some doodle of Juno and Rita from the Penumbra Podcast as I listened to part 1 of the season finale. No spoilers but it's a damn good episode!!!

For a while I've really wanted to draw something inspired by the Paul Jennings story 'Grandad's Gifts', cause it's a story that's stuck with me ever since I was a kid. I finally got around to it! I'm super pleased with how it cam out.


I haven't really drawn foxes before, so I doodled out a bunch beforehand. These were done with cheap crayola super tips, which are super vibrant and fun. Not great for actual colour ofc, but good for scribbles!

 I'm also trying out water colours again after watching a few videos on them. I've still got goblins on the brain from drawing the stickers, so I started with a goblin girl waiting for her date.

I doodled some little beach themed girls that I wanna go back and do more with - one made of the ocean and one made of the sand. They're best friends.

Finally I drew up this little image of a skateboarding girl with groceries. I really just wanted to draw loose clothing on top of tight clothing and try a different colouring style.

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