Monday, 4 February 2019

Week 4 - I continue to love stickers

Jan 21st - Jan 28th

Sketchbook stuff from this week!

I've been thinking about packaging for the sticker set I'm making this year. I didn't wanna use plastic, so I think I'm gonna do these little card envelopes. They're about 5 inches square, which means they should be easy to pack and I can show all the designs on the front plus the actual size on the back.

I'll probably play around with these more, but they're getting there! It'd be nice to have a good design template that I can easily adapt for future sticker sets - make everything cohesive as well as a hell of a lot easier on my part.

I also started planning some new stickers (is it obvious I love stickers yet). I was thinking about holographic printing that some places so, hence the flying saucers. Also something with Hanahaki disease (flowers in the lungs) could make some really good visuals.

I got commissioned by ducky.cos over on instagram to do some art based on one of their cosplay shoots. Here's them as Velma!

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