Sunday, 24 March 2019

Week 12 - Traditional Art Strikes Back

March 19th - March 25th

What's the mood this week lads?

My tooth might be dying. But anyway here's a bunch of art.
I started working on making the medusa sketch from last week into a print. I 'm still trying to figure out what kind of aesthetic I want for it. Something screen print-y? We'll work on it.
A piece of fanart of Lup, specifically of this cosplay of her. I loveee this look and I've been meaning to draw it for a long while now.

I finally finished my piece for the Team Miraculous zine. That's my last zine piece for now! I'm free bitch!!! Unless I get accepted into any more lmao.

More working with copics. My sketchbook continues to be incredibly bleedy with them, but they're fun to work with so who cares.

I might work on making that plant person into a proper print or something? I'm really into their hair.

I also got into my watercolours again and doodled some vaguely camp inspired items. I continue to be cursed with impatience haha but it's still fun.

Aaaand all the rest of my sketchbook, including the original messy page of watercolours. I also finished The Dragon Prince S2 this week, and it definitely shows.

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