Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Week 13

March 26th - April 1st

The "Waiting for Love" music video by Openside came out and I fell in love with all of those colours and outfits!! So I drew a little thing for it.

And then, back to the Wellygeddon print dungeon:

A Deltarune print, feat. friend squad scarf sharing. (thanks to the Game Grumps for streaming and reminding me how much I love this game.)

Finished this SheRa print!! Finally! It was giving me issues but I like it well enough in the end.

An Aaravos print, because I know where fandom loyalties lie and I am very willing to take advantage of that.
I started this one a while ago, but the first pass was... bad... I spent a while trying to fix it up before just scrapping it and resketching the whole thing. I like version 2 MUCH better.

Another music video print, this time for "Everyday I Love You" by LOONA, specifically Vivi, who is an adroid apparently? I do not understand LOONA lore, but their music and videos are fantastic.

And a quick Pokemon print for the new starters! I was gonna have this as an A5, but it's kinda plain and I'm not sure I like it enough? If I draw something better then I'll switch this to being a mini.

In sketchbook land, I thought up an idea for a new mini comic (something I need to get back in the saddle of this year). Still early days but I'm very please with these designs!

And the rest of my sketchbook. First page was me thinking about making clay pins? Or maybe stickers if that doesn't work out.

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