Monday, 6 May 2019

Week 17 - Comics is hard

April 23 - April 29

SheRa season 2! Here's a sketch of Entrapta I did while watching.
I wanna finish another comic before Chromacon, so I'm focussing on Haunt.d, since it's already semi-written. I went over the old character design for Goth Girl (now Blaire) and re-did Jock girl (now Anika) to be more in line with her character.

 I've also been scripting and thumbnailing the actual comic, which is a lot of work with very little visuals. Alas.

I also tried drawing a new, more realistic icon. But I don't like it. So it's just gonna be here instead.

Aand I finished these beach kids I started a long while ago. They're friends!

Here's the rest of my sketchbook for this week:

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